Validación Certificado de Cumplimiento PCI PIN / Validation of PCI PIN Compliance Certificate

Company Name
Nombre de la empresa


Valid until (DD/MM/AAAA)
Válido hasta (DD/MM/AAAA)



PCI PIN version
Versión PCI PIN


Validation Type
Tipo de validación

 ROC (Report On Compliance)

Scope of Certification
Ámbito de Certificación

 Type of services assessed:
    -    Key-injection Facilities
    -    Key Injection Facilities in renting mode
    -    PIF (POI Injection Facilities - only)
    -    Elche, Alicante, SPAIN

Certificate Code
Código del Certificado



  1. This validation page indicates that the aforementioned company’s PCI PIN environment has been validated against the PCI PIN.
  2. This validation page shall not warrant or guarantee to any third party that validated PCI PIN environment is invulnerable to attack or compromise. Internet Security Auditors will not be liable to any third party in the event of loss or damage caused by any failure or breach in the validated PCI PIN environment.
  3. The compliance certificate which is validated through this page has been issued by Internet Security Auditors and is not officially sanctioned by either the PCI SSC or any card scheme making up said body. The only documentation recognized for PCI PIN validation are the official AOC and RoC documents and thereof, it is suggested requesting the AOC document along with this compliance certificate.